About Us

Quality of life honored!

At Toukan, our goal is to make your life easier!

For our customers, it means offering quality services by advising them on the best system for their needs so they can enjoy clean air and an ideal temperature all year round!

For our employees,

It means providing a work environment and culture that motivates them to go to work every day! We want Mondays to stop being a downer for them!

For our suppliers,

It means making sure we treat them with respect, both during negotiations and work execution.

To us,

a company will be most productive when everyone is happy! This may sound unrealistic, but that’s our goal!


Why “Toukan”?

When we started out, we didn't want a company name that described our services because we knew our line of business would evolve over time.

And since we all have compound surnames, using our names or initials was simply out of the question! Then, one day, one of us accidentally came across a news report about the toucan.

A fun fact about this bird: it can regulate its body temperature. We had just found our mascot and name! It was as simple as that!

Toukan is a partnership between 3 people with complementary skills.

We all  have complementary talents but focus on the same goal:
making the lives of everyone who crosses our path more enjoyable. And it is this interdependence precisely that keeps us believing!

The meticulous one
Mathieu is our refrigeration technician and field specialist. He also acts as Operations Manager.

Throughout his career, he has quickly gained the trust of his supervisors and has become a key player in the field owing to his thoroughness, expertise, analytical skills and personality.

The leader
Marc-André, a leader at heart, is the one who had the idea to put together the team that would later become Toukan. He is the Director of Business Development at Toukan.

An experienced entrepreneur, Marc-André decided to sell his previous company to focus entirely on Toukan.

Besides, he is also a fire lieutenant with experience managing teams and being highly efficient during emergencies.

The Mastermind
Julien, a consultant in business growth, is our specialist for all matters of optimization and management, including tools, business processes, and leadership. He acts as the Corporate Director for Toukan.

His experience in process improvement and management, among other things, is a major asset in helping Toukan grow while keeping its philosophy.

Join the gang

We are always on the lookout for new talents, especially people who will be an excellent match for us.