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At Toukan, we decided to do things a little bit backwards... Instead of asking you to sell yourself, we'll sell ourselves to you!

We called it TOUKAN, like the bird, but with a K. The reason? We thought it looked flat "XYZ Refrigeration"...and besides, did you know that the Toucan is a bird that can self-cool? We think it's pretty darn good! And now you're probably wondering why you should take us on as your boss? Here are a few reasons why we think we could make a great team together!


Because we truly believe that, in a company, employees are not just numbers and hands. They bring ideas that we feel should be rewarded.


Because you WANT to be among the ones who stick with us when our business grows… We keep in mind who has always been there for us, and if we get far, you can be sure that you’ll benefit from it!


Because we help you push your career to where you want to take it, and we want to give you the tools to get there!


And much more... such as group insurance and training courses!



We are Mat, Marc and Jule

We are a group of three guys who decided to start a refrigeration/air conditioning business in 2021.

Mat is the field and refrigeration specialist. He's also a great partner on the construction sites and a fun guy to work with.

Marc is the eldest of the gang and is in charge of business development. He used to have a landscaping business that was doing great, but he believed so much in our project that he sold his previous company to focus on Toukan. That says a lot about his faith and commitment!

As for Jule, he is the strategist who develops the tools and improves the systems to help you work efficiently. He's the geek of our gang.

The three of us are fathers of small children. We enjoy music, early Fridays with a beer, and having fun.


We're always interested in meeting people, even if there's no vacancy. To submit an application, fill out the form.


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